The Way We Get By.

Adrian and I watched a fabulous documentary tonight, thanks as always to Netflix. On the recommendation of my sister, we chose "The Way We Get By". It did not disappoint.

Perhaps it's my love of Maine or perhaps it's my love of old people, but I adored this movie. It spoke a bit to my word of the year, choose. Each morning (or middle of the night) these senior citizens make a choice to use whatever time they have to welcome back or to send off soldiers. Despite the physical ailments. Despite the personal struggles. Because they believe they're doing just a bit of good.

Movies like this are important for our fragile souls, no? To remind us to see the value in each life. To seek out that which beckons us from bed before the day even begins. To accept that life begins and life ends and "no one gets out alive." To ultimately honor the time we have by living it well.

And to remind us to call our grandparents, or if you're lucky than me visit your grandparents, and listen to their stories and laugh with them and share a bit of life.

I've never believed in overwhelming to-do lists. I like to do one thing. And I like to do that one thing well. So as I returned to work this week, I renewed my purpose. To teach and to serve this immigrant community and to do it well. Oh, and in the style of Jerry (See 0:30 in the video above). With great humor and even greater love.

P.S. If you didn't know what a Maine accent sounds like, this movie is a great reference. In short, Maine accents are spectacularly endearing.
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