A little strange and awkward.

I went to Target today. Then I grabbed a coffee in the little Starbucks at Target to pass the time until my tutoring session.

While sipping a White Mocha Latte (in the cutest Valentine's Day cup, bt-dub!), I bore witness to a super awkward conversation.

A mother and her perhaps 9 year old daughter sat a table over from me. The interaction began normally enough. Talks of school and what not. And then, suddenly, this conversation took a turn for the absolute worst. I distracted myself with facebook and e-mail on my phone so I can't exactly pinpoint how this turn came about. But it did. And horror ensued.

The mother began discussing with her daughter some of the changes that she can expect. Apparently, about this time in her daughter's life, changes can start happening and interactions between boys and girls can become a little strange and awkward.

Awkward? Like having a conversation about puberty in the middle of Starbucks in the middle of Target?

There are times and places for those conversations. Midafternoon in Target is neither the time nor place. I felt horrified for the poor girl.

So how did this little girl handle it?

By one-upping her bold mother.

"A boy said he liked me for my body," she said.

To which the mother, completely caught off guard, shrieked, "What?? You don't even have a body! He doesn't even know what he's talking about!"

They promptly gathered their things and walked out, mother shocked, daughter triumphant.

Well played, little girl.

Sidenote: Thank you, Lyd and Paul, for never pulling that on me. I would have turned bright red and laughed nervously. Shoot, I'd still turn bright red and laugh nervously.

Update: My sister shared her own awkward experience. Anyone else have some good stories?? I'd love to hear them!
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  1. Wish I could also thank Paul and Lyd for not torturing me with those awkward conversations, but sadly, I cannot. Paul chose to try to discuss "the mechanics" with me while I was stuck in the car with him. Thank God he had a huge brick cell phone so I could call Lyd and put a halt to the convo immediately. THANKS PAUL, I'M SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!

  2. Just doin my job kids, just doin my job.


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