Oscars Favorite.

Adrian and I watched the Oscars and of course it was lovely. The dresses. The hair. The makeup. Though I could do without all the lame jokes. Honestly.

So then. Let me share with you my favorite dress of the night.

Ah. If you know me at all, you surely would have guessed this. It is everything I love. Now, if only I could purchase this dress in a lovely shade of minty green/icy blue. Is that possible? Also, could we create an event for me to wear this too? Could I perhaps get married again? To the same guy, of course.

Also, can we discuss how much we love that Demian Bichir was nominated for best actor? In a movie about an undocumented immigrant? Because we love that. We do.

Happy Oscars, friends!

*picture found via pinterest. Click for link.
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