A post about pictures. With no pictures. Ironic.

I know I've mentioned before that 2011 was a difficult year for me. While I do acknowledge that there were many hard times, I would also like to acknowledge a bit of growth that took place this past year.

I've loved photography for a long time. My mom paid for me to take a class when I was in eighth grade. I loved it and continued developing photos from time to time in a friend's darkroom. In my senior year of college, I took another class. Just for fun. And again, I loved it. And not even because I received college credit for hanging out with one of my favorite people. Though that was awesome. (Hello, Carolyn!!)

This past year, I came across (and by that I mean I stalked for a few weeks) a lovely Canon DSLR camera on clearance at Target. So I bought it.

And then I didn't use it for awhile.

Then I took some pictures here and there. And I loved it again.

A few months ago, I made a blog for my place of employment. And so I began taking pictures of our students to share on our blog and our facebook page. It was and is so wonderful. To be taking pictures. To edit them. To share them. I love it all.

The best part? Most of our students don't take family photos regularly. Many of them don't own digital cameras. So I relish the moments when I show them a photo of their child and they smile. And if they're on facebook, they share the photo with their friends and family.

So 2011 brought me a new camera, a new lens (thanks, husband!), and a new mini mission. To take decent photos of and for the families we serve.

Oh and this year, I realized I will never be rich. When I saw some of the pictures I had taken of the families, I thought to myself, "maybe if one day I learn to take seriously amazing amazing pictures, I should make a business of it." I followed that thought with, "and take family portraits for people who can't afford professional family portraits."

Meaning I'd do it for free. Meaning I'd make no money. Meaning I will never be rich because I always find a way to turn my hobbies and talents into free services.

Meaning these shoes in every color and everything from this store will never be mine. Unless I find someone wealthy to sponsor me. For life.


One other thing: If you would like to see some of my photos from my work and learn more about that place of employment I'm always talking about, check out our facebook page.
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  1. Em - you are truly an inspiration. Grampa would be so very proud of you for all that you do and who you have become. I know we all are! Thank you for letting me get to know you more with each post. I love, love, love reading these.

    - Cousin Sarah

  2. Thanks so much, Sarah! It's so encouraging to hear when people are reading and enjoying what I write. Can't wait to see you and your gang! I'm hoping to make it out east this summer.


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