Re: Irreplaceable

Yesterday, I shared a quote on how to be Irreplaceable. And then I happened to stumble upon this great little satire that was oh-so-fitting. Thank you, Internet gods.

So now, if you were contemplating going back to being plain and boring, be encouraged, dear friend! You need not return to your lemming ways. Be the crazy aunt. Unless of course, you're just trying to fill a black hole that must be filled with attention.

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While we're on the topic: if Brini ever retires, I will gladly change my name to something more interesting and take her place. Must go place a checkmark on my life's to-do list, "Find dream job."
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  1. I love it! I'm inspired to post about this on my blog...would you mind if I used your image from the previous post? With credit to you, of course!

  2. Yes yes!! Please feel free to use the image! So glad you're back!

  3. thanks for coming by! Your blog is absolutely adorable. Will add to my list :)


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