A comfort and a blessing.

So, hello. I'm finally finding a bit of time to sit down and think and write and then rethink and rewrite. Which all means, here have a blog post! Grant season is winding down and I'm being given little pieces of my life back. So three cheers for that.

In other news, things are going swimmingly in the Emily+Adrian household. We've been quite reflective lately. Ever since our radio/CD player was stolen, we've been passing car trips actually chatting. Whoda thought. So there, radio thiefs. You may steal my stereo, but you'll never get the best of me. Or my marriage, for that matter.

In these recent reflections, we've come to the conclusion that we, collectively, are pleased with how life is shaping up here in Chicago. Traffic rarely bothers me, nor does the noise level. And I almost never wish I was out in nature, unless that nature includes a beach, a book and a mixed drink. And a hotel. Mountains. Hiking. Mosquitos. I do not miss them.

So city life it is, for us.

But more than all the Targets and exciting nooks and crannies, for the time being, I think we just fit here. Each of the years I have worked with Tolton Center, I have taken on new challenges and responsibilities. A few years ago, I took on a bilingual writing project. And then later, I worked hard redoing our brochures and printed materials. Then, I began working in grant writing. And this year, I have delved more into photography, social media and a bit of marketing.

And I love that.

I love the challenges and the discoveries. Identifying a need in our non-profit and then finding a way to meet that need with skills I wasn't even sure I possessed. Most days I feel confident that I am meant to be. There are few others who are bilingual, have a teaching degree, studied photography, have experience in writing and editing and have a strong desire to work with the Mexican immigrant population. And it's not anything in particular that I have done to get to this point, but more just the person I was shaped to be. The place I came from. The family who raised me. The values I have. The interests I pursue. And the husband who reminds me that I can.

I think perhaps I'm a little puzzle piece that fits snugly into the Little Village puzzle.

It's a comfort and, honestly, a blessing to do work that I wholeheartedly believe I was created to do.

So for now, Adrian and I are enjoying the city and the opportunities it affords us. We're in the midst of starting a few projects that I am so excited to share with you all once they are underway. In the meantime, know that we are doing well in this little life we are making.

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