The bar in the living room.

Adrian received an incredible birthday present this year: Adrian's parents will be coming to visit! We've been waiting for this for quite some time now so Adrian was and is beyond excited.

Adrian's mom and dad should be here within the next month or two. This means we have a lot of work to do in our little apartment to prepare for such highly anticipated visitors. And on my end, it means letting go a bit.

When Adrian and I got married and then moved in together, I had an over abundance of ideas on how I wanted our apartment to look. I felt strongly about making our little corner of Chicago feel like home. So we set to work, implementing my ideas. I think, generally, this is the trend in home decor. The wife presents an idea and then brings that idea to life herself or with the help of her husband. But Adrian actually has many of his own ideas and opinions on how our home ought to be. And for the most part, I've corralled those ideas on to a few shelves in the kitchen.

But now with Adrian's parents upcoming visit, we are making changes. I would hate for his parents to come into a home where he is only represented in the kitchen. So we're shifting things around and making this place feel a little less feminine and a little like both of us.

In short, Adrian's got his bar in the living room. And it has lights. That change colors. Curious?

And he absolutely loves his bar. And consequently, me.

He told me the other day that our living room is like his dream living room. I told him that as long as it feels more Mid Century Modern Modern and less Man Cave, it stays. As soon as it starts to slide to man cave, everything goes. But at this point, we're both happy.

As I've mentioned before, I had been going to counseling to address some anxiety issues. One point that my counselor made which has really stuck with me is the idea that the combination of Adrian and Emily is so very unique and that when we work together, the end results are always so very uniquely us. And I think this living room transformation is a stellar example.

We have a couple more projects in the works for the living room so I am going to sadly hold off on showing you the whole living room until it's all complete. But rest assured, it will be done in the next month or so. So please do check back in and I will share when it's ready!

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  1. You should move your cute living room to Maine so Danny and Adrian could play. lol btw I put your button on my blog. Return the favor, jerk. hahahahaha

  2. Hi Emily, I've just found your blog via the Better Blogger Network, and I love it! I also love the bar - my husband and I have just moved into a new flat, and buying a bar was a very high priority (in fact, we bought a bar and still don't have a bed...) - I approve!

  3. Hi Emily! I just saw your post on the BBN. Your blog is great! I'm a new follower, and look forward to seeing more from you :-) come stop by anytime!

  4. Erin: Adrian is offended that you think he and danny should play together. He says he's not a puppy.

    Fiona and Christine: Thanks so much! I just found BBN but I'm so excited about the possibilities!


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