The Black and White Party.

Every time I throw a party, I vow to never throw another party. And then, inevitably, I get the itch to throw a party again. And I do. Then I vow to never do it again.

So after a long winter with no parties, I got the itch. Luckily, Adrian's birthday was approaching, providing the perfect opportunity to throw a fabulous party. Beginning with the invitations.

The party had a Black and White theme. I asked guests to come in fancy, black and/or white attire. On the left side of the above picture is the back of the envelope. I ran them through the printer and printed the phonograph and "Gee, that's swell!", which also became part of the theme of the party. I also incorporated elements of the invitation in other parts of the party, including signs.

I printed this onto glassine bags and my good friend Jenny (of Circus cake fame) baked Black and White cookies to go in the bags. And they were fantastic. Obviously.

We had originally planned/really hoped to have the party outside. We have a canopy and I was so excited at the possibility of decorating a blank slate. Unfortunately, weather never cooperates. 80+ degrees in March? Of course. 39 degrees at the end of April? Yep, thanks. Following a brief breakdown, we brainstormed ways to make our itty bitty apartment feel not so itty bitty. So into the guest room went the bar. With sheets as walls, covering the couch and other random furniture moved out of the living room in the name of more space.

Not as awesome as a bar in a canopy, but a little awesome nonetheless. This little bar we purchased on Craigslist and was an awful faux blonde wood laminate. We sanded it down and sprayed painted it white and now it is phenomenal. Spray paint win! Also, this bar has now made it's way into the living room. Permanently. We'll address that next time.

Each time we throw a party, we also vow to go easy on the food. It never happens. So this time, we (which of course means Adrian) made Tortitas (mini sandwiches), Flautitas (mini rolled tacos) and Rangoooooons. Such good food.

I covered the top of the dresser we have in the living room with black and white wrapping paper annnnnd sugary goodies.

Lastly, we covered the walls in the living room with white sheets to give the space the same look we would have had with a canopy. In the center, we hung paper lanterns in black and white. To finish off the look, we draped black table covers from the center out to the walls, covering the ceiling.

So there you have it. The black and white party. In awful pictures. I am so disappointed to not have taken better quality pictures to share. The reality is that we didn't finish setting up until just before the party started and by then there was zero natural light. Thus, terrible pictures. Normally, I just wouldn't share the pictures but I really wanted to give you all an idea of how it all looked.

P.S. Be sure to check back in soon to see how this party has made its way into our everyday home decor!

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  1. Great job! I love black and white parties =D

  2. I do the same thing: always vow not to throw another party. But, I'm constantly planning my next party.


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