Next, please.

Ok so I absolutely adore Google Reader. Mostly because I can never remember to check all the blogs I love so Google Reader keeps track of them for me. (Bt-dub, this is in no way a sponsored post. I am just that enamored.) Drawback though? I never clicked over to the original post so I missed out on all those lovely blog designs.

Ok enter "Next button" stage right. Best thing since Google Reader.

I found out about this glorious Next button via this tutorial over on Priceless Adventure. And it has changed my blogging life forever. Katie does an excellent job explaining how to install it.

So go, get yourself on Google Reader and then install the Next button. You'll never do anything productive again. I promise.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this new feature!! I'd never realized it was available and love Google Reader!

    ps. Did you create your own blog design? Love it!

    xo Shane


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