The playlist.

My nephews came over tonight. The older of the two, Jerry, had a birthday this week. He turned eleven, which apparently is now a teen. Or so he told me. Anyways, Adrian and I bought him a little iPod shuffle. He was pretty pumped. So today he came over so we could load some music on to said iPod.

Lucky for him, I have the musical collection of a 27 year old Mexican-Italian-American girl raised in the woods of Maine. Mostly because that's what I am.

So while deep inside I really wanted to load Meat Loaf, Backstreet Boys and a little Dean Martin on to his iPod, I refrained for fear of an inevitable schoolyard beatdown involving my poor nephew. Meat Loaf is not as widely accepted in 99% Mexican-American inner city schools as it once was.

Turns out, I would do anything for love, but I won't do that, wherein that is equivalent to "allow my nephew to get beat up for listening to Meat Loaf because the current generation does not appreciate great music when they hear it." I love my nephew too much for that.

Instead, I did my best to play it cool and stick with more universal classics: Michael Jackson, Santana and "Eye of the Tiger".

So while I had the draw the line at Mariah Carey (circa 1990), rest assured that I do indeed have standards.  My nephew will soon be enjoying the musical genius of Journey.

Kids these days. Don't know a good song when they hear it.

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