June Instagram Roundup

So far, June has been my favorite month all year. Possibly this is because work has ended and I am relaxing.

1) My little nephew Lalo learned to get on his brand new (maybe  a little big for him) bike.
2) Chicago Blues Fest.
3) Strawberry basil italian soda at the Italian Fest
4) Mid week mojitos
5) Obama announced a change in immigration policy. (Read more about it here)
6) Adrian strung up lights in the backyard, making lingering in the yard even better.
7) Road trip with Paul and my sister in Vermont.
8) A pile of clam shells, remnants of a steamed clam family dinner.
9) A boating adventure in Chicago.

You see why June has been so good? A bit of everything. Fabulous dinners and drinks, festivals, adventures and of course, good company.

Here's to even more excitement and relaxation in July!

How have you been spending your summer? Leave your instagram user name so I can follow you! Interested in following me? You can find me @ohhelloemily.
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