On my shelf: Top Five...for now.

In my pre-marriage/pre-blog life, I used to be quite the little reader. I had less job responsibilities, no husband and no blogs to distract me. So I read. Like a machine. Being that I taught some of my classes in one of the public libraries, I had access to bunches and bunches of books all the time. And I took great advantage of that. It was like stealing candy from a baby. Except that when you don't return the candy, the library-baby charges you a hefty fine. (I know, I often ask myself why if I worked in the library, how could I have managed to NOT turn books in on time? All I can say is this: I was young and frivolous with money. Oh and there was no app to renew my books on my phone.)

Ok so time machining to this week. I got into a lovely little discussion via e-mail with the fabulously hilarious Vicki Christine who is also a book lover. (Someone used that term at work today and it made me  giggle so I thought I'd recycle it.) I asked her for her top five books. And promised to send her my top five. And then I thought I should just share them with everyone because really, who wasn't wondering what my top five books are??

I should preface this by saying this is a list of my five favorites of recent memory. And not in order.

1) The House on Mango Street.  I love this book in English and I love this book in Spanish. I use it in my classroom every year and it is always a favorite. Beautiful writing. Plus it's about my peoples. Mexicans in Chicago. Love that.

2) To Kill a Mockingbird. Honestly, who doesn't love this book? My mom read it to us when we were kids, as previously mentioned here. She would like me to point out that she skipped parts that were over our heads. Doubt it though since that would have been like the entire book. Nice try, mum. Regardless, I plan on reading it to my kids.

3) Love in the Time of Cholera. I think it took me two or three tries to get into this book, but once I did, I loved it. A bit off beat and a bit imaginary, but such a splendid style he has.  Also do not attempt this in Spanish. I had no idea what was going on.

4) I Know This Much Is True. Such a beautiful story. I read this in like two or three days during the summer a few years ago. One of those books that I just could not let go of.

5) Anything by Jen Lancaster. I would wholeheartedly recommend any any any book she writes. She is  laugh-out-loud-by-yourself-at-the-beach funny. I know because I did that. So funny. Also, be careful with these books on an airplane. People don't appreciate maniacal laughing on a plane quite like they should. Almost like they don't appreciate the sweet sounds of baby screeches. People are so very sensitive.

Sometime soon I should share with you my top brainless reads, no?

Until then, share with me what you're reading!! Oh, and find me on Good Reads please so we can play like we're in a long-distance book club, thanks!

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  1. #1 I'm sure I had some part in helping you find Vicki Christine and yes, she is hilarious and amazing. #2 I think Papa gave me Love in the Time of Cholera in Spanish and yes, it is impossible. In English it is almost impossible. Oh and stop making me prove I'm not a robot. No one's spamming your blog Pem.

    1. 1) you always write in lists. 2) that book is seriously impossible in Spanish, agreed. and 3) no one is spamming my blog because i don't let them, obvi. Otherwise there'd be more spam here than that dumb Monty Python song. 4) the jury's still out on whether or not you're a robot, eRin2d2.

  2. #1 I like lists, so sue me. #2 you didn't answer my first point and #3 there's no way I'm a robot, robot's could never be as cool as me.

  3. haha you two are hilarious. i love sister-talk. jen lancaster - yes!! mexican authors - yes! though, admittedly i need to re-read these because i dont remember loooving them back in the day, which was either high school or college;i didn't react well to homework. my dog's middle name is atticus so yeah. and the other book i've never heard of - maybe i shall buy it on my kindle now! so glad you shared!

  4. Yes! I was trying to think of the name of "I Know This Much is True" the other day and it was driving me crazy. I forgot about it until I stumbled across this post, and now my mind is at peace again. Also, it's a great book.

    1. This is why we're friends. So we can remember book titles and what song was playing when he was holding up a stereo in "Say Anything".

      Friends soon?


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