Pasale, pasale. Come in. Come in.

Hey all.

A lot has been happening here at Oh Hello, Love lately.

First off, I wanna say hello and I'm so incredibly excited to have you all here! I am thrilled to be interacting more with other bloggers and to be finding a bit more of that community that I've always heard about.

Also, if you're checking out this blog from a reader, click on over because I've made some changes to the design. I added some buttons on the right side that link over to some of the things I blog about most. I'm hoping that will make it a bit easier to find posts you might be looking for or to just explore whatever interests you. And because I do my own design and don't have an ounce of knowledge about computer coding or whathaveyou, I change it up from time to time in futile attempts to get it just right. Which of course never happens.

Annnnd, I've been adding more to my facebook page. So if you haven't liked me, go ahead and like me. I generally use facebook to share videos, links, exciting things from around the internets. And I share the occasional photo.

Which brings me to my last point: follow me on Instagram, no? I'm @ohhelloemily. There you can find all the little lovelies that make up my day to day life.

Oh and of course, if you have not properly introduced yourself, please do so. That way I can find out all about you too. And that would just be splendid, would it not?
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  1. I love the new buttons, Emily! Adding you to my Instagram. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm really loving instagram (as if that's a surprise...). I have a DSLR but it's too big to carry around all the time so instagram has pushed me to take more ordinary pictures, pictures of my day to day life that I probably wouldn't have documented before but that I know I'll be so glad to have in the future. How about you? How are you using instagram??


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