Peony palette.

I love love peonies. They're my absolute favorite. And they finally showed up in my home. Courtesy of my husband. I went from hangry (typical post-work emotional state) to ecstatic in 0.3 seconds. Peonies'll do that to ya.

Also, can someone paint these colors in stripes on my living room walls? Thanks.
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  1. Such gorgeous colors! It's been so cold and rainy here, I think I need to brighten up my room with some pretty peonies.


  2. Thank you for the really sweet words on my blog the other day! Meanwhile, I was really nervous to post my outfit online, but you know what, once I did, it felt so wonderful. So I say go for it! & If you do, don't forget to pop over and let me know :}
    Thanks again!
    -Zie Darling

  3. Hey there, I'm Tiffany! :] I found you through Candice over at Teatime Thoughts. Your blog looks great, I'm just not sure how to follow along at your blog?

    1. You can follow along by clicking on the RSS feed button, above the little picture of me. This will bring you to a site where you'll have the option of which reader you prefer to use. You can also subscribe by e-mail by clicking the RSS feed button. Hope that helps!

  4. Um can I just second that last statement? Seriously..peonies are so gorg.
    I have some on my desk currently! :)

  5. Peonies are some of my favorite flowers!!


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