The Repeats: Ximena Sariñana

I always find myself listening to more music and at a much higher volume during the summer. I think it can be traced back to my high school days of driving around with music blasting, for lack of better entertainment options. Maine offered few of the excitements Chicago offers.

So I wanted to share with you The Repeats. These are the songs that have been playing on repeat this summer. And by repeat, I mean a good five to ten times a day. Since I'm sure my neighborhoods now loooooove these songs, I figured why not share with all of you as well, no?

First up, is one of my favorite favorites. I've talked about Ximena Sariñana here on the blog before, but I absolutely adore her and her music. She has such a unique sound and such a pleasant personality. Adrian and I caught one of her shows a few months ago and loved it. She is from Mexico and has a bunch of songs in Spanish, but she also now has an album out in English, which we also love.

You can find my favorite of Ximena here on Youtube.

Enjoy her and come on back next Saturday to catch more of The Repeats.

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