The Vintage Bazaar Goods.

Can we start by discussing how much I adore when Adrian does a blogpost? It doesn't happen often but I am always so interested in hearing his perspective on things. To see what he chooses to highlight and how he describes events.

In his recap of his weekend off, he talked about how we hit up the Vintage Bazaar and picked up a couple things for the apartment. So of course, you know I had to take pictures to share with you all.

First up, my absolute favorite. One of my old buddies from high school used to despise when I would use the word cute to describe inanimate objects. But I don't care. Because this camera is not only cute, it is downright adorable! They say it works, but again, I don't even care. Such a cute little guy. I'm contemplating starting a little collection. We'll see. Depends on how many other cuties are out there.

My mom and dad and my grandma (Hello all!) sent Adrian a little birthday cash and he was super psyched to have some money to snatch up some goodies. This was one of his picks. A little clock/radio combo. And it works!

Next up is the fan. And hey, it also works! It's in need of a good clean up and I would looooove to spray paint the base a lovely lime-y green color but Adrian isn't totally sold on the idea yet. We'll see. I'm sure I can win him over right after we spray paint a lamp in the living room lime-y green, too.

Adrian loved these bottles! They had regular cork stoppers in them but he took them out and is now on the hunt for the perfect toppers. I think they will look fantastic in the little bar in the living room. They are interesting pieces to say the least.

Lastly, I picked up a blue mason jar for any future peonies that might find their way into my home. Here's to hoping!

Thanks to the fam for the birthday funds to make our purchases possible!
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  1. that fan is awesome. I mean, so very very very cool. ok, everything is, but that fan ... wowza.

  2. Awesome finds! Especially the fan and I can't believe it works too!

    1. Yeah, it works really well! I was pleasantly surprised. And Adrian already managed to cut his finger a bit on the metal blades. This is why fans aren't made that way anymore...

  3. there's nothing i enjoy more than personifying inanimate objects. its a hobby. LOVE that fan.


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