Adrian's Summer Entertaining Series: La Paloma

After Adrian's last post, we received lots of positive feedback. All of your kind words must have given Adrian a serious confidence boost because he is back to post again...and this time with a series! Adrian will be providing you all with some of his favorite summertime recipes as well as a few of his entertaining tips. Later in the series, I'll be sharing some of my favorite, affordable "throw a party in a moment's notice" decorations and place settings. We are super excited about this series and can't wait to share with you!

So let's start this off with an easy summer drink. When Adrian and I have people over, we like to choose one drink to offer. This keep costs down for us because we aren't buying bunches of different bottles of alcohol and our friends love it because it gives them a chance to try new drinks.

Hi everyone! It's me again, Adrian. Today we are going to start sharing the first recipe of our Summer Entertaining Series. We are starting with a real Mexican drink, La Paloma. This drink is popular in the metropolitan area of Mexico (el distrito federal or Mexico City).  Originally, La Paloma was designed for women, but now everyone enjoys it.

To make La Paloma, you will need:
- Tequila
- Squirt (note: The bartender at Highball Lounge who specializes in cocktails told us that he has tried many other brands of grapefruit soda and none of them come close to La Paloma with Squirt. Also. please do not use diet Squirt or your drink will lack flavor.)
- Salt
- Lime
- Ice
(Don't let the Bacardi distract you. You don't need that for La Paloma. It's for mojitos!)

Here is how to make your very own Paloma:
1. Grab a highball glass or tall glass and rub the edge of the glass with a lime. Place some salt on a plate and turn the glass upside down into the salt. The lime keeps the salt on the edge of the glass. In Spanish, we call this "vaso escarchado".

2. Fill glass with ice cubes.

3. Add one shot of tequila. If you'd like it a little stronger, add two shots.

4. Fill the rest of the glass with Squirt.

5. Squeeze a little lime juice into the glass then stir your drink and it's ready to enjoy!

Easy enough, no? This drink is especially popular for parties because it's super easy to make and definitely affordable. It also works great with guacamole (which we'll be providing a recipe for next in this series!).

Check back next Wednesday and for the next few Wednesday for more summertime tips and receipes!
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  1. Squirt is my favorite soda. And The Paloma is my favorite drink. Both are so refreshing!

  2. Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

  3. So pretty! Those straws are so cute :)

  4. Sounds really yummy! I have to say I am very excited to see your guacamole recipe. Avocados are my best friend and I am always looking for a different recipe to try. Usually I just mash up the avocado and throw in some salsa and call it a day!!

  5. ADRIAN! I love the simplicity of your directions...but I am confident that La Paloma hecha por Adrian sabe mucho mejor que La Paloma hecha por Moriah....entonces, voy a estar alla en tu casa en agosto... and I'm just saying, it would bother me at all to try one! =)

    1. Ro!! No quiero hablar por Adriancito, pero estamos bien emocionados de verte!! Estamos contando los dias hasta que llegues. Pues, este verano Adrian ya se convirtió en un bartender. Ya sabe hacer de todos tipos de bebidas.

      Ok, we are so excited to have you come! See you in a few weeks!

  6. Mm.. I love La Paloma's!! Grapefruit soda is seriously the best - we have a kind here in the Caribbean called Ting & it's heaven :)


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