Blog Design: Hamlin House

I wasn't planning on sharing this most recent blog design until next week, seeing as I have already shared a blog design this week. Buuuut I got too excited and just could not wait until next week.

This particular design is quite close to my heart.

My good friend in real life Jen has been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time. She is one of the most creative and artistically talented people I know. I've been encouraging her to do it because I knew blogging would provide her with a much-needed creative outlet. Plus the community is fabulous, am I right?

So one Midweek Mojito night, we got to chatting about potentially starting a blog. A mojito or two later and now she has a blog.

We sat down together this weekend and worked out a color scheme and header and all the little elements. She has a strong sense of style and had a lot to say about the design, which I loved. And since we're friends anyways, she wasn't afraid to tell me when she wasn't 100% excited about something. A couple hours later, we had the framework of a design and I got to work from there.

(You may recognize the photo from this week's guacamole post. Ignore it. It was a filler to show her the design.) 

Ok so not only am I excited to share this design with you all, I am also incredibly thrilled to introduce you all to Jen. She is hilarious. Every time we get together, I always end up thinking I am way funnier than I actually am. This is because her incredible sense of humor begins to rub off on me. But make no mistake, she is the funny one.

But more than being funny, this woman is a genius. If you read nothing else in this post, read this: Jen has started her DIY blog and came up with the brilliant idea of pairing each DIY project with a drink. Genius, I tell you. Pure genius. Because honestly, what blogger does not feel like grabbing a drink mid-DIY project?? I'm fairly certain DIY is synonymous with "drive yourself to drink". 

So please, run over to her blog, subscribe and then sit back and be amazed. Then come out to Chicago and have mojitos in my backyard because clearly that is where all good ideas begin.

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  1. Where are you finding the time to do all these designs & teach?? I love that you used a bold color scheme on this blog! So many people are afraid of color. I think adding color (when done well) really helps make a blog memorable & stand out!


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