Color Palette: Love Cupcakes

We were driving around town the other day when we spotted this beyond cute little cupcake trailer. So of course, I made my mum pull over so we could check it out.

The girls in the truck were super friendly and had cute little aprons to match their cute little trailer. I just adored everything about it. And the cupcakes were fantastic so there's that, too.

So should you find yourself in Southern Maine, be sure to check out Love Cupcakes.
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  1. This is seriously the most adorable thing ever! What a fantastic idea for selling cupcakes!


  2. I think it's funny that you called Mama "Mum". So Maine of you.

  3. I guess I have to make a trip up to Maine this summer =D

    1. Yes! Their website has info about where they'll be and when! Its like a cupcake scavenger hunt and really who doesn't like that?

  4. Super adorable! I love this and I want one :)


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