Free loves.

I've been toying with this Passionfruits thing for awhile. But I'm finally doing it. Why? Because it's July 31st and a new month is starting and I'm on vacation so I have time to set it all up.

Ok so, these ads will be running for a month at a time and they'll be rotating so no one is more important than anyone else.

Alls you have to do is click on the new Sponsor page I made and then click on the little "Buy me!" link. But don't worry, you don't really have to "buy" anything. Use the promo code "Freeloves" and it's freeeeeee.

And then you post my blog button and I post yours and watch the new friends come running over. That's how this works, right?

Ok, swap with me. Annnnnd go!

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  1. As your sister I get an automatic swap right?? I think over the years I've "paid" for it... consider that your late fee for the 100 times you've been late paying the phone bill.

  2. lol! The comments above are so funny! I'd like to swap as soon as my design is ready. I went a completely different route because I just couldn't figure it out and I didn't want to drive the girl crazy. do you recommend using passionfruits?

  3. Consider us swapped. I've been meaning to try Passionfruit, maybe in another few months!

  4. I grabbed your button, and submitted mine to you :)


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