As previously mentioned, a few weeks ago I went home for vacation. One of the days I was home, my mum, my grandmother and I drove down to Kennebunkport. I hadn't really been down there and figured it'd be nice for us to spend a little time in a new place. We had lunch and then took some pictures. It was lovely!

This is the Bush family summer home. This one and all the other beautiful summer homes made me want one. So then I started scheming how I could get a couple million dollars together in the next couple years. I'm still scheming.

The quality of this picture is less than stellar but I had to include it because I love it. The house. The clouds. The green. Everything.

And because I know a whole bunch of you are puppy people, here's a picture of my mum's puppy, Harriet.

She always looks at me like I've done something wrong.
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  1. Wow this is beautiful! I want to go there, it looks so peaceful.

  2. LOVE kennebunk! yay for pics of it. :) also, blog is looking fabby fab, lady!


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