Redesign and sabotage.

While I was home, my sister and I spent bunches of time discussing blogs. We brainstormed, gossiped and even squeezed in a little photo shoot. I am loving that she has gotten into blogging. We have always had very different personalities and interests so I am excited to finally have found something that we both enjoy. I only wish we lived closer so we could get in more brainstorming and photo sessions!

So since we had a bit of time, we decided to give her blog a little uplift. And I love how it turned out. .

She had put together this design at the beginning but didn't do too much to customize it. While I was home, I picked up this little notebook and that notebook became the inspiration for the new design. The inside liner feature mini multicolor polkadots. Erin told me she liked them so I took the idea and ran.

And this is how it ended up.

We walked around downtown Portland, snapping pictures of her and her puppy Bronx to use in the redesign. Her puppy is incredibly photogenic. He's always smiling.

After I designed hers, I got the itch to design mine. While I don't generally think of myself as a competitive person, I just couldn't stand to have given her a super cute design while mine was mediocre. My mom said I should have just sabotaged hers instead of redesigning mine. Yes, you read that right. My mom suggested I sabotage my sister. Rude, Lyd. Shame on you.

Point being, if you're on a reader, click on over. Because I've redesigned my little space of internet yet again. But I swear, this is the last redesign for awhile. I swear...

So what do you all think? If you would like to see the whole redesign of my sister's blog, check her out at Empirically Erin.
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  1. I love the colour scheme, and the header! :)

  2. Wow really cute! You are very talented :) I LOVE the colors!

    1. Thank you!! My aunt was giving me a hard time that I used the same colors in both designs but I think they look so different!

  3. Love both of the new designs! So fun and summery!

  4. Her layout came out so cute! Great job!

  5. Wow, I absolutely love it!!!! Can you do that for my blog?? :P

  6. I can't believe my very own mother wanted to sabotage my blog. I guess she forgot who her only hope for a nice nursing home was!! Lyd: "My fingers hurt!" Orderly: "Yeah well now your back is gonna hurt because you just got yourself landscaping duty!"


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