The Repeats: Chantal Chamberland

This summer has been about enjoying my backyard and the long sunshine hours. While I may be eating off incredibly cute Mara Mi paper plates from Target, this song makes me feel a billion times classier. And for those few minutes that this song plays and drowns out the inevitable banda Mexican music from next door, I close my eyes and imagine my other life.

Did you hear the mariachi music come in there at the end? No? Must just be my neighborhood.

A few years ago, I had a *classy* Christmas party, meaning I made my friends dress up. A coworker at the time told me about a friend she had who used to say that if you have to use the word classy, it probably isn't classy.

Awww well. Like I said, you win some, you lose some.

And of course, this song is available on iTunes. Turn it on, grab a glass of wine and feel classy, my friends!
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