Vermont and Clam Shell Jenga.

So I like to keep my vacations on the downlow in the blogosphere should any crazy neighbor be reading my blog and planning their raid of my apartment. But since my sister blogs, word got out. I was indeed on vacation, but now I'm back. So I can officially talk about it.

So let's start this little recap with my trip to Vermont. It's lovely to drive through the mountains of Vermont especially after being in the midwest for so long. I forgot what mountains look like.

My dad drove my sister and me down to Vermont. I sat in the front and proudly performed DJ duties. Somehow my dad's vast musical collection did not include any Journey. I quickly rectified that situation. Also, if you haven't yet seen the video of my dad and me and the reaper on my sister's blog, please do.
Every summer since before I was born, my dad's family has had a family reunion on Lake Champlain in Vermont. Since I live so far away, it's nice to be able to make it to the reunions because I don't get to see that family much otherwise. And this lovely little blog has actually helped me stay connected with many of them because they've subscribed! (Hello Alberghini family readers!!)
Each year, my parents bring along a whole bunch of clams. I actually hate seafood, but word on the street is these clams are amazing. This year, my great aunt played Jenga with the empty clam shells. Everyone doubted her clam pile, but obviously she wasn't messing around. 

I enjoyed our jaunt through Vermont and seeing my family again, having time to catch and meeting new family members (re: babies!). 
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  1. Listening to Journey makes me drive really fast! Glad you had a great time!

  2. One of my favorite bands! Love these pictures.

  3. Grandma is no joke! LOL I heard Vermont is lovely in the Fall, and would certainly like to take a drive up, one day. Have a great week!


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