A Creative Commitment.

I recently updated my about me page. I began to realize that this was my first stop when I came to a new blog and so I felt like mine needed a bit more love and attention. In redoing this page, I wrote a bit about what this blog is all about. Which of course required some soul-searching and deep thinking. All from the comfort of my couch. That's where most deep thinking happens, am I right?

I started this blog almost two years ago (eeek!) to share a bit about my life with my friends and family who live on the East Coast. As I blogged, I found this little creativity in me that had just been waiting to be discovered. This blog has become an outlet for that creativity. A place to share my writings, my projects, my photos and my loves and it has been wonderful.

But I ran into this idea again and again in the blogosphere. That no one cares much for your words, they care more for your photos because if you have a post with lots of words, everyone just clicks out. Then, if you have a wordy post, you ought to include someone else's photos if you don't have some of your own. So I did that. And while they made my posts lovely, I never felt one hundred percent comfortable with the idea. Because it wasn't my work.

I have nothing against blogs that are collections of inspiration. I think we all need and crave a bit of inspiration. But my biggest challenge has been to move beyond being inspired and actually start creating. When my blog consisted of other's photos or projects or whatever else, I wasn't pushing myself to go out and take that great photo by myself. To learn all the ins and outs of my camera. To make my words stand on their own. And to create and then share.

So I am making a commitment to continually share original content. Stories, photos, projects that are my own. It is just as much a commitment to myself as it is to all of you. I figure I owe that much to you and to myself. If you are going to take out a moment of your day to come this way, I ought to provide you with something new and original. Otherwise, you could just search on pinterest for what you wanted, no? And I owe it to my formerly dormant creativity. I've got years of not creating to make up for with this blog.

It takes more time, for sure, to create rather than add links and photos. But in the end, I'll be able to say that I made all this on my own. With my own ideas and my own skills. And I'll be proud of it.

But if it turns out you're more partial to the me that shares stuffs found on the interwebs, there's facebook for that.

Otherwise, I'll catch you here, three times a week. And of course, leave me links so I can find your blogs where you are creating, writing, photographing or whatever it is you do with those skills you've got.
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  1. So I'm still wondering why I am not in your about me. I mention you in mine. Not cool. Oh and also, it's so funny that you would bring this up today. Last night while writing my latest post, I felt like it was too many words and forced myself to go on google and find images to throw in. And I felt guilty and annoyed.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Sometimes I write about social / political issues but don't publish them. Quite frankly I wonder if anyone would really read them since non original pictures and links seem to be more appealing.

    1. I would totally read them! Pictures from elsewhere and links just are not what I'm about. I want some original content and real thoughts and opinions. Doesn't even matter if I don't agree!


    sorry everything is in caps. haha

  4. i feel related to this post too. sometimes there's consideration about what you write, which ones to share and which ones are not.

  5. I can't wait to keep reading!!! I try not to post too many pictures that aren't my own, even though I am not great with my camera :)

  6. I love that you've thought through your purpose on blogging & how you want to move forward. I'm one of those who always prefers original content & wordy posts to collections of inspiration. I'd definitely rather read original content 2-3 times a week than see a collage 5 days a week :)

  7. This is making me think that I ought to do my About page, it's woefully out of date.

    I just have to say, I really apperciate wordy posts and I try to go out my way to read them because I feel like so many of the blogs I run across these days are all pictures, and I have to say... I get so bored with that.

  8. I couldn't agree more about the originality of the post content. I try to post my own pictures whenever possible. If I cannot take it, I either try to minimize the amount I can use, leave a citation of the origin, or simply write something else. Pictures are worth a lot more words in fashion/beauty blogs, but there are also people like me and all the people who commented here, who love reading your words. =)

    And I love your posts.

  9. I've always liked your blog! Thanks for sharing and I also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.

    Please check it out here: http://bit.ly/MLqexd


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