Adrian's Summer Entertaining Series: Tacos

I know you all will be so excited to hear that Adrian is back for this week's post in the Summer Entertaining Series and he's got perhaps the best recipe to date.

Hi friends. I'm back with another recipe. Now we have an entree: Tacos de carne asada. We call them tacos de carne asada, but they're not really asada (which means "grilled") because we make them on the stove. But that's what we call them.

Here's what you need:
- Two pounds of taco meat (beef). In Mexican grocery stores, it will be labeled "Carne para tacos".
- One bottle or can of your favorite beer. I usually use Corona.
- Seasoned salt (to your liking) or you can use one packet of Goya's seasoning called "Achiote y Culantro".
- Cilantro
- Limes
- Salsa
- Corn tortillas
- For the sides: cucumbers and radishes

Now, here's how to cook the taco meat:
1. Place the meat in a frying pan (at least two inches deep) and turn the heat on medium-high.
2. Add your seasoned salt or seasoning to the meat and mix it around.
3. Now add half to three-quarters of the beer to the meat. Mix it around. Leave the heat on medium-high until all the meat turns brown.
4. Once the meat is brown, turn the heat up to high so that all the liquid evaporates.

To prepare your tacos:
1. Now that your meat is ready, wash and chop the cilantro, cucumbers and radishes.
2. Warm up the tortillas by heating them on a skillet. (Do not heat them in the microwave.)
3. Place your tortilla on a plate and fill it with taco meat, cilantro, salsa and squeeze a bit of lime juice on to it.
4. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy your tacos! I'll be back next week with my last post in the series!

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We hope you enjoy this and that it inspires you to host your own summer dinner party!
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  1. Great recipe! And I completely agree->Do not heat them in the microwave. Nothing like a tortilla warmed on a comal!

  2. Yummmmmm!!! I can't wait for the next time Adrian cooks for us!!

  3. I'd rather just read your blogs and pretend I'm having these amazing summer parties! :)

  4. your blog is just...stunning! a visual dream! it is so beautiful. great design and typography! :) i am now following. and i love your recipe here. i have recently fell in love with tacos and i should start making my own!

  5. Looks Delicious! Yum! - love your blog!


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