Beyond Inspiration: It's Paper, Dear!

Friends, I am so excited about this. Since Adrian's Summer Entertaining Series was such a good experience, I wanted to continue with another original series. 

This summer, I've been thinking a lot about this idea of moving beyond inspiration and making real progress towards goals. For me, this has been taking my love of designing and starting to design blogs for others. While this may not be a life changing event, it has given me so much confidence and pride when I see my finished work. And I've seen other bloggers taking their ideas and doing some amazing things.

So in this series Beyond Inspiration, I've interviewed some bloggers about their inspiration and how they've moved beyond that inspiration and taken steps towards a goal. They've so graciously shared the projects their working on, the lives their making, and what keeps them going. I hope that by sharing their stories, you (and me too!) can take the first steps towards whatever dream you is in your heart.

First up in the series is an incredibly talented lady, Zie from Hello Darling Dear
She is here to talk about her most recent undertaking, It's Paper, Dear. 

1. Could you explain what It's Paper, Dear is?

It's Paper Dear is a monthly subscription box dedicated to the wonders that are paper bits and office goodies. Everything from a pretty journal to doodle or write or collage in, to a lovely pen or pencil to play with, to pretty tapes and buttons. But let's not forget about the paper... Note cards to recipe cards, to book marks and book plates. From templates to create the loveliest envelopes on the planet, to DIY paper projects. From stickers and stamps to labels and collage sheets. From scrapbooking and smashbooking supplies to stationery to write darling letters. And that's just a little bit! 

2. Where did you get the inspiration to start this?

As a child, I was always excited for back to school. Not because I particularly liked school, but because of the new pens and pencils, the smell of the new books, and the crisp feel of notebook paper. And even now, I often find myself wandering into paper stores and office stores just to grab a new pen or new journal. (And as my friends can attest, they have had to drag me out by my hair more than once... heh). 

But I've always known I wasn't alone in this. I would see the other kids who were just as excited as I was, and I always find new folks ready to share and play and get excited about papery goodness with me. So with that in mind, I launched It's Paper Dear.

3. From there, what steps did you take to get this project off the ground?

Well, the idea came to life when my mom and I were just chatting about how wonderful paper is & I kind of freaked out from there. I was WAY too excited about the idea and completely put off everything else I needed to be doing in order to play a bit more with it. I started doodling and taking notes and researching and just on and on. And then, I sat down to sketch out what it would look like and that's when it hit me. This could really work. 

And after a lot of work and a ton of help from my mom, I was finally ready to launch it. & Then I did. 
Now, I have read quite a bit about other small business owners over the years & how a few of them saw a huge and wonderful response and some who didn't. So I was prepared to fail. I really was. I thought, well, I might get like one... maybeee two sales. And that'll be it. If it does end up working out at all, then it'll take years of work. 

And less than 24 hours after the release, I had like 3 sales. And I couldn't believe it. I cried a bit & was just so happy. Here was this little idea my mom and I had come up with, this little baby thing of mine... and people liked it! 

Now, I'm by no means ready to quit my day job, and I'm no where near where I want to go with It's Paper Dear. But I'm so excited and so happy with how things are going. I sold out of August twice, I'm half way sold out of September & I've got sales into November already! I'm just proud and so blessed and so very thankful that people have given me and my mad little idea a chance. 

4. What keeps you inspired?

Honestly, and I know people either won't believe me or will think I'm a super cheese ball... but it's the people. I cannot tell you how much it means to me when I get an email or a tweet or a comment on my blog talking about how much someone loved my box.

I will always remember one gal saying that she cried when she opened it she was so happy. And that she couldn't stop smiling afterwards. And that my friends, is the one thing in the world that matters. I made someone smile and I can ask for nothing else. 

5. How does this undertaking make you a more fuller version of yourself? Or, how does it contribute to a more complete you?

I'm 20 years old, in college and struggling to figure it all out. I've never changed my major but I've changed my mind with what I wanted to do with that degree like 53,896 times this past year alone. I'm silly and awkward and really loud and I always feel like a kid. Like if you could put an 80-year-old's hobbies in a 12 year old body, that's what I am. So I'm never sure of myself. 

But suddenly, I feel a little more sure. I'm still the same person & I still have no idea what I'm doing. (I'm 20, after all!) But I finally feel like I'm doing something that means something, if that makes sense. I have always had big dreams & lived in the clouds, but this feels like one of those clouds became real and tangible. And I could not be more excited to see where it all goes. 

Thank you so much, Zie, for sharing with all of us! I just love those last few lines of making the transition from living in the clouds to those clouds becoming real and tangible. So, so true. For more info on It's Paper, Dear please visit Zie's blog!

Be sure to check back next Wednesday for the next installment in this series, Beyond Inspiration.

And please, let's have a discussion, no? Tell me, how have you been inspired lately and what steps are you taking to make your dreams real?
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  1. grrrrreat idea emily! it's so fun to hear what inspires others! and um, it's paper, dear sounds amaaaazing. going to check it out now!

  2. Well, YOU inspired me lately. talking to someone else about what you're thinking, feeling, wanting, needing, and seeing how THEY interpret it - so fascinating. You have given me a new chance an breathed new life into my personal space. Now I have to keep it up...

    Love to you, friend. Can't say enough amazing things about you!

  3. What a wonderful idea. I love all pretty stationary things, and am going to check the subscription box out. Best of luck to you Zie!!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog, and my first thought was, "This is a really great design!" So, definitely follow your dream! You can do it! :)

    And I love the photos of pretty paper that Zie shared. :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE the idea of a It's Paper, Dear box and hope to purchase one soon. Love that you are taking the time to feature some fabulous bloggers :)


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