The best day in the year.

This quotation found me the other night. I thought about how fitting it is for the beginning of the year. So I photoshopped it onto the picture of my planner.

I've always had a relatively positive outlook on life. Each year for years, my new year's resolution has been to make that year the best year yet. Some years have been far better than years before and others have been a struggle. Regardless of how the previous year unfolded, I've continued to make that resolution. And each year I'm finding that the year's outcome has little to do with events and much more to do with my attitude.

On this blog, I've written a few times about how last year was a year of growth and difficulty. While it may not have been a traditional "best year yet", it set the foundation for this year. By passing through the trying times, I am becoming more confident in my own strength and resilience.

I feel more proud of myself this year than I have in many years. I started this blog last year and have committed myself to creating original content. I've pushed myself in photography, learned a bit in photoshop, started designing blogs, written many stories and grown this little blog. But this year of accomplishing goals would not have been possible without last year's trials.

Last year, I learned the importance of patience and perseverance. I can see the ways in which those lessons have facilitated this year's successes. I continued to write and create when no one was reading. The lack of audience enabled me to create a blog for myself, something I could be personally proud of. I continued in hopes of one day connecting with other bloggers and finding some kindred spirits. And I think I finally have.

In the same way perseverance has led to meeting smaller goals in blogging, I am hopeful that, in this trying period of life, the patience, acceptance, hard work and perseverance that Adrian and I work to cultivate daily will eventually result in the accomplishment of so many of our larger goals. I'm learning that accomplishing smaller goals keeps us motivated to work towards our (sometimes overwhelming) life goals.

In the meantime, as we work and grow, I will keep my glass half-full outlook and continue to make each day the best day in the year, knowing that one day it will all have been worth it. And that I did it all with a smile on my face.

How are you keeping your glass half full?
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  1. so encouraging! i have never heard that quote.

  2. I found you over at Mish Lovin Life and I haven't stopped reading! :) I think you have interesting things to say and I love seeing Adrian's recipes! :)


  3. I love that you are a "glass half full" kind of person. I really waver between empty & full - I think it's the hormones. And I'm so glad that you've found a niche in the blogging world & are making connections - that is my favorite part about blogging!

  4. I love this post!!! It really is sooooo important to love life each day, despite what we might be going through. Thank you for sharing this uplifing reminder :)

  5. Loving this quote! So happy to run across something so inspirational on this Wednesday morning :)

  6. Very wise words, and that quote is refreshing to hear (and reminds me to stop being lazy and do something awesome today). Blogging has been such a blessing for me--an unexpected one, really. In the past couple years, I've met some amazing women who are now dear friends. Who would have thought?

  7. The power of positive thinking. :)

    P.S. Erin told me that someone had a birthday today.... HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! :)

  8. I love this post! Totally positive thinking:)
    I am giving away items for my birthday MONTH on my blog, and i also have a second site that I am promoting called The Blog Scoop, and I would love for you to join, you can locate local bloggers in your 'hood!

  9. I love that quote! You have a cute blog! I'm your newest follower :)



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