Favorite houseguest and best weekend.

Friends, my birthday was so good. So. good. I wrote this little post the other day about how excited because my sister wrote such a nice post (including super cute pictures from when we were kids!) and i reached 100 bloggy friends!

Ok, that was last Thursday.

Friday morning I was moving on from birthday excitement and just happy to have a four-day weekend. Yes, four days! Woot! So I was passing my Friday morning perusing various blogs and I came across this one by my sister. Yes, my sister revealed in a blog post that she was coming to Chicago to spend 6 1/2 days with me! I briefly freaked out (given that our water heater had broken and our landlord hadn't fixed it...), quickly cleaned up and got excited to spend time doing what we do best: lounging around and gossiping.

Five days into the visit, I have come to a couple conclusions. First and foremost, my sister is quite possibly my favorite houseguest. No offense to others, but she is totally fine passing an evening watching some Teen Mom. She could care less about seeing Chicago and mostly just wants to hang out. Which is awesome. I don't feel the pressure to entertain or run here and there, though we do try to get out at least once a day so we have something to report back to my mum. Otherwise she calls us slugs. It's lovely when someone wants to visit just to visit you. And it's even lovelier when it's someone who knows you so well that you can just be you without excuses or explanations.

And even better, Erin may be Adrian's favorite houseguest also. I think it's because she appreciates his humor and isn't afraid to make me the butt of many jokes, which you know Adrian thinks is hilarious. He told me just yesterday (after four days of non-stop Erin) that he was having such a good time that he didn't want her to go home. I couldn't be happier that my husband and sister get along so well.

So if I've been a bit slow replying to comments and e-mails and haven't made my usual commenting rounds, it's because I've been quite busy taking photos in my gangway, BBQing, oohing and ahhing over the sweetest baby ever, hanging in hipster coffee shops, laughing over karaoke and watching far too much Sesame Street in restaurants. All with my sister.

It's been good, friends. And for those of you who knew beforehand and shared in the excitement, thank you. It has been just as wonderful as you are hoped.

And one more thing. Adrian wrote this on my Facebook today: "I am really happy that I married you 2 years ago, I guess i'm just a really lucky guy." 

So in short, my heart is so full. Best birthday/anniversary weekend ever.
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  1. happy belated birthday!!! sorry, i miss a lot of things lately. definitely agree on lounging house guests being the bestests. :)

  2. Time with family is always so wonderful. So glad you and your sister had a great time! And happy belated anniversary and birthday :)

  3. I looove it!! I'm so glad ya'll are having such a great time!! Cheers to the happy household swelling with love in Chicago right now!

  4. So sweet! Happy late Birthday! Those are the best kind of house guest :)

  5. Happy belated! It sounds like a lovely weekend! :)


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