Two years ago...tomorrow.

Adrian and I got married two years ago tomorrow and it seems we've started two traditions: 1) Never being alone on anniversaries and 2) Not celebrating anniversaries. My cousin Maddy (Hey Maddy! Miss you!) came for our wedding and our first anniversary and this year my sister surprised me (More on that to come!!) for my birthday weekend which happens to coincide with our anniversary. As for tradition numero dos, welp, we've never been big on anniversaries. We can't always agree on what year we first met or what year we started dating, so the very fact that we know when we got married is a celebration in and of itself.

That said, I think it's actually quite telling of us as a couple that these have become our traditions. We both love to entertain, to host dinners and Midweek Mojitos, to hold BBQs and holiday parties. We love to have people in our home. Adrian loves seeing someone appreciate his cooking and I love to chat. But more than that, I think we both like to make people feel welcome and at home.  I love this about us and I am excited about the day that we'll own our own home and be able to make many others feel welcome and at home.

And as for never celebrating anniversaries, I think that comes from being celebratory by nature, which sounds counterintuitive, but we make a habit of celebrating on the day to day, which makes bigger celebrations seem unnecessary. I like to think each day is a little celebration of our anniversary.

But I would like share a few little Adrian tidbits that contribute to my love of that guy. All from this weekend.

1) He was so excited for my sister to come surprise me that his coworkers even asked him what he was so happy about. He told them he was so excited to see me so happy.
2) He made us blueberry pancakes yesterday for breakfast.
3) He had to go into work today at 5am, but was able to leave at 9am. So, naturally, he came home and made french toast for us while we sat around watching Teen Mom clips on Youtube.
4) He bought me the shorts I wanted and made his very first online purchase!
5) He tucked away bits of money for my birthday cake and to spend while Erin is here (for anyone on a tight budget, you know how wonderful that is!).
6) Annnnd he puts up with my slightly spastic/anxious tendencies.

So on our anniversary, I am happy with the traditions we have started and even happier with the decision I made two years ago. Happy Anniversary, Adrian!!
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  1. Yay for anniversaries that you spend with your sister!!! I'm sure Adrian is completely thrilled I'm here! Although seriously, em, you caught yourself a winner. We never thought you'd find someone who would put up with you, let alone someone who is a fantastic cook, goes along on all your adventures, and even works on your proyects with you. Oh and he's pretty cute too! I'm glad I got another brother in this deal!

  2. P.S. is it weird that I'm sitting next to Adrian as I write this?

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!! Cheers to two years, and to so many more! I love to hear people's "secret" to marriage...what's yours?

  4. Happy Anniversary from your new follower!

  5. Happy Anniversary Emily! What a special time of year for you! Birthdays, anniversaries.. it's like Christmas in September!

    p.s. will you post more wedding pics someday? I love the juntos/together sign, and would love to see more!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your traditions aren't the standard ones, but hey, if they work for you, that's what matters. And it sounds like you've got a good guy there!

  7. You guys are so adorable!! I'm really happy for you both! :)

    Couples like you give me hope! <3



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