A Mainer with an Umbrella.

It's been rainy in Chicago lately. And I, for one, am loving it.

In my adult English classes, where the majority of students are from Mexico, we often explain the importance of letting their children go out in the winters and enjoy the snow. Students then stare at me for a moment in utter disbelief, until someone inevitably says, "But they'll get sick." I reassure them that generations and generations of children have played in snow and made it out alive. And I remind them that, with the proper attire, their children too will survive.

Which brings me back to the rain. For most of my life, I firmly believed that umbrellas were for wusses. I attribute this flawed thinking to my normally rational father, Paul. Paul loves him some nasty weather. He has been known to sport shorts year-round, simply pulling up his wool socks a bit higher when the temperatures nose dive. Also, please note, Paul lives in Maine. So shorts year-round is no easy feat. 

Ever the model, Paul shows off his best asset: his shapely calves.

In fact, Paul loves shorts so much that he actually had tuxedo shorts created for my sister's wedding. When it came time for his speech at the reception, he stripped off his pants, revealing his beloved shorts underneath. He then proceeded to switch from his dress shoes to his trusty old hiking boots. The man loves shorts and boots. 

So now, you see why I once equated umbrellas with wusses, right? As they say, a Mainer with an umbrella is hardly a Mainer at all. 

Well, in my time of living in Chicago and taking public transportation, I have come to realize two things:
1) Umbrellas keep you dry. And dry = happy.
2) Umbrellas are adorable. (See exhibit A, below)

Unfortunately for Paul, the "shorts no matter what" legacy ends with him. I now live by the adage, "There is no inappropriate weather, just inappropriate attire."

Though truth be told, if I had my father's calves, we might be having a very different conversation.

Enjoy the rain and have a most lovely weekend.


  1. My viewpoint on umbrellas changed when I lived in New York and you could buy one on every corner for $5. I also remember on one of my first dates with LoLo he bought us both umbrellas when it rained unexpectedly...and he splurged and bought the $10 ones. We still have one of them :) Anyways, you are absolutely right, the tradition ends with P-Dids. If it's colder than 75 degrees I am in pants, a sweatshirt, and maybe even a jacket.

  2. Hahaha, my Dad is the same way. Refuses to dress for the weather. Your umbrella is adorable!

  3. I'm enjoying the rain in England too. Do they think the snow will make the children sick purely because it's cold? Living in Chicago wow, must be great.

  4. i am loving the rain! i grew up in western washington so it makes me feel at home. And We just moved into Roscoe Village :)

  5. Love the boots! :)


  6. Oh PDids! You look super cute with your umbrella and booties!!

  7. "Though truth be told, if I had my father's calves, we might be having a very different conversation."

    Hahaha! I love this.


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