Driving in New England.

Today while my students were working on an assignment, I caught myself starring out the window at a tree. The leaves had all turned orange in the most perfect way and I imagined all the photos I would take when the day was over. Then, inevitably, I had to rush out of there to get to another program on time soooooo aforementioned dreamy photos never happened.

But the photo above? That one did happen. It happened this past weekend. As I mentioned last week, we went corn mazing with some friends for my pal Jenny's birthday. It was fall and it was crisp and it was wonderful. I even managed to get us to a checkpoint, sans map.

Though I am content with the dropping temperatures and the prevalence of pumpkin everything here in Chicago, I'd like to share my list of Reasons I Wish I Still Lived in Maine, Especially in the Fall:

1) Trees. As I said before, I spent a portion of my class starring out the window at a tree. Blogger truth: I was indeed intrigued by the color of leaves but I was also intrigued by it's very existence. I live in a city. This makes me miss Maine and it's over abundance of trees.

2) Long drives. Sigh. I love drives through Maine. Few drivers + fall foliage = I am determined to become a leaf peeper next time I'm in Maine in the fall. I pledge to become the very people I once despised.

3) Leaf piles raked by my parents for me to jump in! There are two problems with Chicago. One being that there aren't enough leaves for a solid enough pile to break my fall without breaking my legs/arms and two being that my parents aren't here to rake. And more blogger truth: I don't do manual labor. But I am not above paying someone to rake for me.

4) Fresh apple cider. I grew up down the street from two orchards. Two. Orchards. Two! My mom used to take us to watch our local orchardman making cider. Apparently Chicago is short on both orchards and ochardmen and cider is available at Target. #NotTheSame

So friends, what are your favorite parts of fall and where do you wish you were spending the season? And more importantly, who's making a donation to the "Send Emily to Maine at the End of October" fund?? Anyone? Bueller? Sigh.


  1. I dream of living in New England every day. I'm jealous that you got to live there at all.

  2. Just so you know, Em, Mom and Dad don't rake up any piles at my house to jump in...and I haven't seen any at their house either. And also...I was unaware that orchardman was a word. I think Tommy would love that you called him that! Too bad we don't have a pic of Tommy to share with the blog world. He was quite the character.

  3. (sigh) you made me smile. I enjoy all those things too. My favorite would have to be walks in the cool air :)

  4. I'm starting to love New England in the fall. Before I thought Virginia was the place to be when the leaves turn , I was super wrong. My husband is from Mass so we make frequently make trips back. Though I don't think I'll ever get use to New England winters

  5. i just moved to chicago! and lets just talk about those lovely trees for a minute shall we.


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