Halloween Favorites

Friends, friends, friends. I love holidays. Seriously. Love holidays. And today happens to be one of my favorite holidays. Adrian loves Halloween and it's really rubbed off on me in the past couple years. He loves the decorations and the candy and the costumes. I get excited about Halloween just seeing him so excited.

In past years, we've hosted Halloween parties and decorated the apartment and generally reveled in Halloween glory. This year however we were a bit late on the decorations and we completely failed to pull together a Halloween party. Instead, we'll be hosting a little Halloween movie get together, complete with Halloween goodies. I love putting together some of my holiday favorites for childhood nostalgia's sake.
This year's goodies include:
1) Kit Kat bars, for obvious reasons
2) Tootsie pops! Love the raspberry ones. Hate the brown ones. Bt-dub, did anyone ever actually get a free pop for having a wrapper with that Native American guy shooting an arrow? Me neither.
3) Halloween slap bracelets, discovered at Target!
4) I am an absolute sucker for good branding/typography. I loooooove the labels on these Bath and Body Works lotions.
5) Hand santizer, a necessity for trick-or-treaters
6) Halloween tattoos because why not?

What are your Halloween favorites? I'm dying to discover some new favorites.
Happy Halloween, friends!


  1. I did! I did! I got free Tootsie pops many times for getting the Indian wrapper! Although, I didn't send it in to the company. I just had to show the faculty at my school, and they gave out the free pops. :) But I DID get many of those wrappers!

  2. Wow!! I want to go to one of your parties with favors like those!!


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