Loving Lately: Happy Chic.

Friends, it's Monday and I don't even care because I am so excited for this post. All weekend long, I've been sharing this news with friends and Adrian and somehow they just aren't as excited as I am. So I knew I had to bring it to the blogging world so that you all could join me in my overly excited state.
Jonathan Adler is my absolute favoritest designer ever. I love his bold use of color and pattern and this general "Happy Chic" philosophy. I love his Midcentury Modern influences and the notion that "colors can't clash". If I had endless amounts of money, I would furnish my home in only Jonathan Adler creations. If you're not totally sold on Jonathan Adler by the picture above, read his manifesto. I love it.

This is where the exciting news comes in.

Jonathan Adler will be working with JCPenney on an affordable line to be sold in a shop in JCPenney stores, starting in Spring of 2013.

Did you see that? An affordable line.

I die.

So I've gone ahead and circled some of my favorite rugs from the current Jonathan Adler line in hopes that he'll catch this and reissue them for much, much cheaper. Realistic? Mayhaps not. But a girl can dream.

Also, there's a good chance this may turn into a case of "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" where I acquire a new rug and then have to buy a new couch to match my new rug and then I buy a new lamp to match my new couch to match my new rug. And then I move into a new apartment. Not that I know this from experience...

So then, consider this my official request for JCPenney gift cards for Christmas. And New Year's. And Valentine's Day. And whatever other excuses you need to buy me gifts.

Thoughts, friends? Please tell me you're equally excited.


  1. OMG! I'm right there with you! I love love love Adler's stuff but it's so far out of my price range. I usually just end up buying his office accessories collection for my desk at work.

    I haven't been this stoked since I found Betsey J stuff at Tj Maxx!

  2. This is exciting news!!! I like your picks too.


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