Post-Comparison: Collaboration.

Hi all! I am currently on vacation and loving having the opportunity to do some long overdue work on the blog as well as catching up with all of you! While I love my job, it is wonderful to have breaks every now and then to remember that I am someone outside of work.

On Monday, I wrote about the blogger comparison plague. I wrote on wanting to move farther from comparison and towards collaboration. For awhile now, I have been thinking about swapping buttons and the whole idea of sponsorship. I started swapping ads a few months back and was pleasantly overwhelmed with the response. It has given me the opportunity to find some new blogs as well as to share some of my favorites with all of you. I accepted ad swaps as they came along and it quickly became overwhelming to keep up with each one since they each had different time frames.

All that being said, I will be letting the current ads run the remainder of their days. Beginning in December, I will have five ad swap spaces available. I am hoping to work closely with those bloggers, inviting whomever of them is interested to guest post as part of a series. That way I will be able to share with all of you some of my favorite bloggers as well as introducing some new perspectives to this blog. The goal will feature other bloggers are part of my normal content rather than just doing blogger introductions.

In addition to ad swaps, I am hoping to work with one blogger each month on a collaboration. This could mean working on a project together, an interview, a series, a topic we both blog about, or something completely different. I'm open to ideas and seeing where this all leads. My ultimate hope is to get to know all of you and to work together to create something new.

If you are interested in either an ad swap space or in a collaboration, please please e-mail me at emily{at}ohhellolove{dot}com.  I'm excited about the possibilities and I hope you all are as well!


  1. Great ideas!! You always have those though. I'd love to collaborate, obviously.

  2. I love how intentional your new ad swapping operation will be. With working full-time and starting grad school last month, I decided to put ad swapping on hold for a few months, so I could focus on real life stuff. It all seemed like extra work for not much gain. However, your new approach is much more manageable. Great idea!


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