Thursday is almost as good as Friday.

Hey all! It's Thursday which is almost as good as Friday, so yay! We made it! There were points in this week that I thought it'd never end. But it is. And this weekend? Oh, this weekend is going to be good! We're heading out with friends to go apple picking and corn mazing. Then Sunday, Adrian's got the day off. I cannot wait. And of course, I'll have apple picking pictures for you next week!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say hello and welcome to anyone hopping over here from the wonderful beauty & the feast. I'm so glad to have you come by.

I found this little gem from back in the day, but it's a fairly accurate representation of me in that it displays me and the love of my life: Dunkin'. I'm a New England girl. Up in the Northeast, Dunkin flows like water.

So while you're here, check out this post and get to know that other love of my life, Adrian. He's my husband and that's the story of how we met.

These posts are from my Summer Entertaining Series. They're filled with lots of tips and recipes for easy entertaining.

And then there's these more recent posts about love and understanding: part one and part two. They sparked some great discussion so be sure to check out the comments section.

Lastly, I do a bit of blog designing. Mostly colorful, clean and classic designs. So check out my little portfolio to see what I've been up to lately!

Have a lovely Thursday, friends! And please, leave your blog address in the comments so I can come check you out? Thanks!


  1. Yum! I worked at Dunkin when I was a teenager. They taught me a thing or two about coffee, they know their stuff!! SOOO delicious.

  2. So I didn't come over from beauty & the feast but I did discover you via a comment on another blog (don't remember the name but it was a political post...). First of all, LOVE that photo!! Second, so jealous of your apple picking and corn mazing this weekend. I used to live in Chicago before moving to California and I definitely miss having a distinct fall season. I haven't been apple picking at all since moving out here! Hope you have a great weekend (sounds like it'll be pretty awesome). :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  3. Just found you through...umm...I don't remember who...but I'm enjoying browsing around your blog so far! Can't wait to keep up with you. :)


  4. I am here from beauty & the feast and I'm glad I stopped by. Your love story is the cutest, and I love your blog design! I think I'll stick around :)


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