Growing weary.

Friends. I have been so distant lately, I know. I haven't been commenting or writing or tweeting or e-mailing. My google reader currently houses 826 posts awaiting my perusal. My inbox has bunches of unreplied messages. And post after post goes unplanned.

My full-time job has been rather consuming and my weekends have been full. I'd be ridiculous to complain about any of that because my full-time job is a job that I love and truly believe in and my weekends have been spent with wonderful friends and family that have been visiting from back east!

Blogging is hard once you've met The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

But part of this little break from blogging has been spent regrouping, rethinking and reimagining. I have grown a teensy bit weary of the blogging culture. Of the giveaways and the sponsors and the pretty and inspiration and the perfection and the must-have trends. And I hope I don't offend anyone in saying that. I'm kind of hoping that some of you are feeling the same way and that you might feel invited into a collective sigh of relief that we're not alone.

Each of us is so much more than the outfits, recipes, perfect parties, etc. The question is not if we're interested in other things, because I'm confident we are. The question is how to begin to feel at ease discussing and sharing all those other passions that have perhaps been under-represented in Blog Land as of late.

Am I alone in this? In this feeling that so many blogs are beginning to seem a bit similar? I want to know what makes you you. What is that collection of likes and dislikes and passions and thoughts and terrible habits that makes you so uniquely you? And I'd love to hear the stories that have shaped you into who you are and who you're becoming.

So while I wait for all your intriguing answers, I'll be working on some of my own. And while you wait for those, might I suggest some absolutely wonderfully authentic writers? If you're looking for stories and thoughts and a bit of real life, these are some of my very favorite genuine bloggers:

(And not just because Erin's my sister! She's probably the most authentic person I know.)
So tell me, is it just me? Or are you growing weary of the blogging same old, same old? And if so, share with me a genuine post, won't you? Add a link in the comments so we can all bask in the genuine glow!


  1. Oh, I certainly relate to this! I am breathing a sigh of relief with you, so thank you! I have found myself completely uninspired and weary lately by so many blogs... the sponsorships and gift guides and wish lists are just too much for me. I started reading blogs because of their content, but lately it seems like the content is on the decline. I come across huge bloggers that have 3000+ followers, and their site is all about what they had for dinner last night, what they wore the night before, what their holiday wish list consists of, and well, it kind of boggles my mind. But apparently that is what is popular in blog land. I feel as though people seem to be more interested in pretty pictures than in authentic writing and real life issues.

    This is all to say... I'm right there with you.

    1. So glad you agree! All the wishlists and musthaves and gift guides give me a serious case of the gimmes. I find myself totally discontent with everything I have and seek out that new something at every chance. Not good.

      I keep hoping that at some point things will swing back around to people craving genuine writing. It's gonna happen right? Please say yes.

  2. Oh my love, thank you. I couldn't agree with you more about the way the blog culture has changed. It's not the storytelling it used to be - it is just riddled with the giveaways, sponsors, and hops that are less than entertaining and only about attracting followers.

    I'm glad you wrote this. And I'm honored that you think my unique (albeit cynical and often depressing...) and I am grateful to have met someone who sticks to their guns and represents the unique and naturally intriguing womanhood in which we belong.

    Cheers, friend.

    1. Unique and naturally intriguing womanhood.

      I love this.

  3. i'm with you one hundred percent on this! i definitely think that blog hops and giveaways have their place and as someone who is blessed to write for a living, i understand how the bloggers who blog for a living have reasons for keeping up with that, but more often than not, there seems to be a lot of craziness that sometimes all just gets meddled together. i blog because i like sharing whats different about me and my family and i love stumbling across other blogs that do the same.
    well, i am new to your blog and i really want to read more posts from you! i will be looking out for them :)

  4. I am SO tired of giveaway posts. :) Since my blog is still a baby I've had the same concerns. I know what is popular, but it doesn't always fit into my lifestyle. :)


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