Oh Hello How-To: Marquee Letters

I've seen Marquee Letter how-tos all over the blogosphere. But for whatever reason, they are always the most comples how-tos ever. They involve far too much cutting of cardboard and creating letters from scratch. My favorite how-tos involve five steps or less. 

So here it is, marquee letters in five steps or less.

1) Drive on over to Hobby Lobby and buy some 3-D cardboard letters to spell out whatever you'd like.

2) Cut off the front side of the letters.

3) Spray paint.

4) Drill holes for lights.

5) String lights.

There you have it. They seriously look amazing at night! And since we're sharing living rooms, can I show you the new set-up? I'm in love.

On that note, Happy Friday! Get out there and enjoy your weekend! We'll be hosting an Oscars party on Sunday night and will of course be making good use of the living room bar! Anyone else watching?? (And you know I'll be live tweeting, so follow me over on twitter, @ohhelloemily.)


  1. I like the models holding up the letters! They are very cute! :)

  2. Love this idea! I have some of these letters from the UK equivalent to Hobby Lobby, HobbyCraft. I'm going to be decoupaging them with vintage newspapers, and then putting them on the wall above my dog's bed (the letters spell his name, and his bed is a crate - pretty darn hard to make that corner of the room look good!)

    Thanks for the crafty inspiration :)

  3. I love this tutorial. It's making me drive straight to michael's and get some letters.

  4. This is by far the best tutorial for these yet! The fact that it's so easy now means I will actually do it! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a CUTE idea! I love the letters... and your living room!


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