Radiant: Priceless Adventure

Hello again, friends. It's Wednesday which means I'm sharing with you another story in our "Radiant" series. This story comes from a wonderfully talented blogger and web designer, Katie from Priceless Adventure. I love this story that she chose to tell and can't wait to hear what you think about it.

Love is not selfish. 

On a recent shopping trip with my best friend we were waiting at a long light to turn into the mall when a homeless man approached the car. Even though I know the generous character of my friend, I was honestly still a little surprised when she opened her glovebox and pulled out a carefully folded dollar bill. 

In a world where everything seems to be about "me" and "now" it's easy to overlook opportunities we have to show love and kindness. I know that I'm often too busy or catch myself feeling it's not my responsibility to help those who have less. 

She rolled down the window and handed him the dollar bill, at which point he told her how pretty she was. They had a short conversation that ended with him saying something like "I'll be behind the Denny's later if you want to come find me" or maybe it was a little more direct than that, but the point is her intentions were good (even if his may have been a little shady.) Later that day I heard her say to her boyfriend, "Babe, remind me to replace my homeless dollar in the glovebox." 

It was then I realize that this wasn't a random occurrence. She purposefully puts a dollar bill in her glovebox to have ready for moments like that. And although no one may ever find out, it's just one of her many ways of showing a little love to the world. 

How much do you love this story? Living in a city with a large homeless population, I often wonder about how to best respond to requests for help. Most often, I look them in the eyes, say hello, and continue on my way. But I do like this idea of keeping a dollar handy. Perhaps it's not our place to judge or to worry about where that dollar might go, but to offer a smile, a hello, a dollar and a prayer, no?  To follow in Katie's friend's footsteps and "show a little love to the world."

You can find more of Katie's stories and her beautiful blog design work over at Priceless Adventure.

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. This story makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That's so awesome that she actively things of this plans for those situations. Whenever I see a homeless person that catches my attention I'll buy them a meal if I have the money. I love to volunteer and haven't done it in quite some time. I need to get back to it.


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