A little something to say thank you.

Happy Friday, all. This is an especially happy Friday because it's the Friday before vacation, which is mostly the best Friday there is.

You may have noticed the absence of the Radiant series on Wednesday. We're taking a little break from that for the next couple weeks until some new stories come in. If you'd like to be a part of the series, send me an e-mail at emily {at} ohhellolove {dot} com and let me know!

On Monday, we spoke about the importance of women supporting one another. If you haven't check out the comments, there are some great little stories of how you all have been supported. Leave your story and encourage us to keep encouraging each other!

On the Facebook page, I shared that I had made the graphic from that post into wallpaper for my phones and got some great responses to it! So I took a quick poll and asked what background colors you'd like to see, and these were the winners: Turquoise, purple and lime green.

I'm placing the files here for download for you all as a way of saying thank you for participating and reading and sharing and commenting and encouraging. I simply ask that if you do share the wallpapers, please link back to this post. (Files are copyrighted by me and cannot be sold in any way or included in any sort of download. They are for your personal use only and not commercial use. Thanks!)

Purple Dreams iPhone Wallpaper
available here
Turquoise Dreams iPhone Wallpaper
available here
Coral Dreams iPhone Wallpaper
available here
Lime Green Dreams iPhone Wallpaper
available here
To install as phone wallpaper:
1) Click on the link of the wallpaper you wish to download
2) Click on file, then download (or simply click the down arrow under "File")
3) Once downloaded, upload in an e-mail to yourself.
4) Open the e-mail on your phone and save the image then set as wallpaper.
5) Remind yourself daily that you got this and then go out there and chase down those dreams of yours!

Enjoy these and enjoy your weekend. Here's to hoping spring makes a real appearance sometime soon!


  1. so. cute. just downloaded the peachy one.

    thank you!


  2. absolutely LOVE them! have them all on my phone, using the purple one now as my lock screen :) thanks, you're such a talented one!!


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