Oscars Party.

Each year when Oscars night rolls around, I think to myself, "I should've thrown a party!" And then each consecutive year I forget.

Not this year, my friends. Not this year. When I spotted these beautiful Oscars bingo and ballot cards on How About Orange, I knew this year it was happening. So I spread the word to some friends and Adrian and I got to planning. 

After doing a bit of Pinterest research (of course!), I knew exactly what I wanted to do: a champagne cocktail bar. I was thrilled when I realized during my research that I already had the sparkly tinsel stirrers already in my possession just waiting, waiting for the perfect event.

For the bar, we set out blood orange juice, peach mango juice, pomegranate blueberry juice, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and, of course, champagne for people to mix as they liked.

Adrian made egg rolls, some filled with shrimp and others with buffalo chicken. Then he stuffed mushrooms with onions, little pieces of turkey bacon, jalapeƱo, and cream cheese. A friend brought veggies and dip and another brought hummus. 

The ballots and bingo were perfect for my crowd. Not everyone was super into the Oscars, but they were definitely into the competition of it all. We had a great time yelling at the TV, hoping for one of our Bingo squares to happen so we could check it off. And my ballot? You know it was horrible. Suffice it to say, voting in less than 1 minute does not a winning ballot make.

We had such a great time with friends. Eating, drinking, live tweeting, shouting, and laughing. Adrian and I agreed. We would definitely do this party again next year.

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