The Details: A bright spot.

I love fresh flowers. Normally they're simply carnations or maybe tulips. Nothing expensive nor extravagant. Just some little spot of bright, fresh life to keep around the house. I wandered into Whole Foods the other day and came across these beautifully bright ranunculus flowers for just $5 and I snatched them right up.

I am in love with them.

Spring has not quite sprung here in Chicago. Most days are still cold and it even snowed a bit this past Sunday. But a few days here, the sun has shone so brightly it almost didn't matter that it was only 34 degrees.

So I'll keep waiting and throwing bits of Spring around the house until Spring decides to arrive outside.

(Also, be on the lookout this Monday for a "bloom" desktop wallpaper download. Eeek!)


  1. Aren't ranunculus the prettiest? I think ranunculus and peonies are my favorites. Spring has not yet sprung here in Missouri either--in fact we had snow all week, up to 14 inches one day. It's pretty, but I'm so over it. Ha. Anyway, it's been a while so I thought I would pop over here and say hello. Hello!

  2. P.S. Oh dear, somehow I ended up on this page thinking it was your most recent post. I thought it seemed vaguely familiar--probably because I read it at some point last year. Fail. Oh well, anyway, I'm going to go read your most recent post now. :)


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