Free love: Bloom Wallpaper

When I created the "Bloom" graphic, I knew I just had to turn it into wallpaper for my computer. I love it's general cheer and reminder to get out there and make something of myself.

And of course, I love to share. So I've created two sizes for your downloading pleasure!
The first is 1600x900 and should fit most wide-screen computers. Click here to download it.

And the second is 1600x1200 which should fit all other screens. Click here to download it.

Happy Friday! Wherever you are, bloom. Won't you?

(As always, if you share or pin this, please be sure to link back to this post. And of course this file is my own and cannot be sold or included in any download pack. It is for personal use only. Thanks!)


  1. Thank you so much for this! I was just thinking this morning how I was sick of my current wallpaper and then this came along and totally made my day :)

  2. I love flowers. And wallpaper. And free.
    So pretty!

  3. Just made it by desktop background at work! Great idea, simple, clean and elegant! Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for this! They are so beautiful!

  5. That's so pretty! Thanks so much!


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