New Day Rising.

A little Foo Fighters quote for your Tuesday morning.
Last week was crazy. At work, we had a fundraiser, a presentation, grants and regular classes. So, as I wrote about on Friday, by the end of the week, I was just craving some alone time to work on quiet projects. And so this weekend, I did just that.

As I mentioned, I've been working with a friend on designing and making some invitations for her birthday brunch next month. It was the perfect little project for the weekend. I printed her invites, cut some envelope liners, printed addresses on the envelopes and put them all together. I love how they turned out and I cannot wait for her to send them out to friends and family.

Sunday morning, I woke up with the purging itch. Adrian and I have been thinking a lot lately that our apartment is just too small. And while there is no debating this this apartment is definitely small, I think it feels smaller because of the sheer amount of stuff we have and how we organize that stuff. Adrian and I both love things. He would have ten different collections of anything from shot glasses to hot wheels cars to helicopters to hats if I would let him. And I, well, I love shoes and bags and wallets and home decor and pretty paper.

So when I came across this one-minute video on Apartment Therapy, 
it was just what I needed to hear.

With the future always so uncertain for us, whether we'll live here or there, in a small apartment or a bigger home, Adrian and I seem to collect these items that are waiting for the next home. A set of drinking glasses for when Adrian finally gets a man cave. Boxes of craft supplies for when I get a craft room. Because I think, what if I can't find this wherever I live next? Or what if it's on clearance now and it's not then? Or what if they don't make them anymore? This is sounding frighteningly like Hoarders, no?

I realized, in keeping things for the unknown future, I'm sacrificing living space now. And I don't like that.

So I started tearing through this little home. Nothing was safe. I threw some things in boxes to donate, others in boxes for a yard sale and whatever couldn't be salvaged in the trash. I was ruthless. If it hadn't been used or worn in the past year, no matter how much I liked it, it was in one of those three piles.

We haven't finished yet so our home is in a state of upheaval, but with more time to work tonight and tomorrow night, I just can't wait to see the results. To live with less. To enjoy more. And to curate a sanctuary for my little family of two.

(If you're interested, I've been spending too much time on Pinterest, analyzing and pinning what I'm drawn to. Conclusion: bright colors and white. Check out my home board here.)


  1. So I'm guessing a pillow you made in 8th grade Home Ec class didn't make the cut? hahahaa

  2. We're living in a really small apartment too, and I feel like we have a lot of things that we're just "keeping aside" until we can move into a house. Like we don't even eat at our dining room table. It just sits against the wall holding things. Can't wait to move, but I don't think I could bring myself to throw things out! :P Good for you for being able to :)


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