Say yes.

A quiet sunrise drive in Chicago.

I have so much to say and nothing is coming out right.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I turned down a weekend away with friends to take some time for myself. To work on some projects quietly. To write. To take pictures. Without deadlines and be here nows. Without rush.

I've seen this change in me for a while. I used to be so carefree and social and had to be around others. All the time. Now I need quiet time to myself. I think it happened slowly over time and I think, for the most part, I'm really okay with it. But it's certainly different. And it leaves me wondering how much of change is just a natural consequence of growing older and having more responsibilities versus change caused by circumstance. I'm not sure which and maybe both. Regardless, I am loving quiet moments to work as I please where I hated them before.

So I'm trying to listen to that little voice in me that cries out when too many people are around and when too many questions are asked and when everything seems too much. That voice that says, take care of yourself, Emily. Be good to yourself.

I'm taking care of myself this weekend. Which for me means printing and cutting invitations I designed for a friend. And maybe throwing in some envelope liners because I like to. And then fixing up a promo video for work because I love figuring out new skills. And then drinking coffee and writing. All with some Pandora and sunlight.

Happy Friday, friends. Take care of yourselves this weekend and do something that makes your heart say yes.


  1. Alone time is so necessary! I've also developed a need and appreciate for that quiet time as I've gotten older. Sometimes, I mistake it for loneliness, but really, it's an appreciation of calm and personal fulfillment. Enjoy your weekend of quiet and unrushed designing. :)

  2. Confession: Sometimes I like when LoLo has to work on the weekends because then I know I can do whatever I want...even if that's shouting "I'm living alone! I'm living alone!" a la Home Alone. Of course when the weekend actually comes and I'm sitting in the house realizing I have few hobbies, I start missing LoLo. It's still nice to not have a schedule or someone begging to do something!

  3. Sometimes it is so nice to just hang out by yourself. Being around friends can be way too overwhelming sometimes. :)

  4. I find I tend to go in cycles with these things... I go through phases where all I want is to be social all of the time, and then it's like a switch flips and I just want to be at home working on my projects quietly.

  5. I know exactly how you feel! And I love the photo. Chicago is one of my favourite cities. Take time. Breathe. Be inspired.


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