Sunday drive.

Adrian had the weekend off. We spent Friday night with his family, celebrating his sister's birthday. Saturday, we slept in and he headed back to his sister's to spend time with his parents and I went out to lunch with an old roommate. Saturday evening we went to dinner and watched March Madness with another old roommate and her husband. We're quite close with both of them and are soaking up as much time with them as we can before their cross-country move in June. Sunday morning, we slept in and then headed out to Bang Bang Pie Shop, this incredibly wonderful little pie shop in Logan Square here in Chicago. Since we were on the Northside, we decided to scout out some macarons and dried lavender (for lavender mojitos, of course!).  This then led to a quick trip into CB2 for some cocktail glasses and some added goodies (hanging terrariums!).

We drove back home, mambo music on Pandora, windows down. It felt like that classic Sunday drive. Arm around your best gal, without a care in the world.

I recognize that this all sounds so commonplace. With Adrian's schedule, we have a full day off together once every six weeks. Sometimes we pack that day, or if we're lucky weekend, full of adventure. Trips out of town, etc. But more often, we jus crave some normalcy. A chance to grab lunch together. To sit down and have coffee. To discover new parts of the city. To just drive around with the sun shining. To do all those normal things that we just don't get to do very often.

I will say, it wasn't all sunshine and macarons. There were some grumpy moments in there. I am convinced that finding parking in the city brings out the very worst in most everyone. But even in those grumpy moments, we're together. On a weekend. In the sun. So how awful can it be, eh?

So if you're looking for that good old Sunday drive feeling too, type in "Perez Prado" into Pandora, roll the windows down and throw your arm around someone.  Smiles, light hearts to follow. 

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