A dollar a balloon? Don't mind if I do.

This weekend came with some struggles. Hard conversations, some tears, and airing out of frustrations. Both Adrian and I have been working long hours lately and wondering at times where that money has gone. Answer: college loans, car payments, rent, city living, medical expenses, etc, etc. Being an adult is difficult, yes? Earlier in my life two cardigans from Target for $30 was a no-brainer. Not so much anymore. Life goals, savings, simpler living. I know one day, I'll be proud of us for having been young and in love and broke and for having made it through. In the mean time, it's a little rough.

All that is to say, if ever there was a weekend for the helium shortage in Chicago to end, this was that weekend. When times get tough, buy heart and star shaped balloons. I always say. 

Oh, you didn't know there was a helium shortage in Chicago? My good friend Meredith and I have been researching for her upcoming birthday party. Because a birthday party isn't a birthday party without balloons. And sadly, we had been informed time and again that helium was unavailable.

Until now.

So for a dollar a balloon? I bought four. Three hearts. One star. For research purposes, of course. And also because I love them.

Do yourself a favor: buy a balloon for a dollar. I promise it'll make your day.


  1. Keep your pretty head up! I've walked that walk before...it is a tough one for sure... But, like you said...it makes you appreciate so much more! I may have to follow your advice today! Perhaps a balloon is just the pick-me-up that I need! xo

  2. Keep your head up girl! We are currently dealing with the same thing.. but we'll make it through :)

  3. I think someone as smart as you will DEFINITELY appreciate that you worked so hard and made it through tough financial times. Hang in there :)
    I can't believe there was a helium shortage! That's crazy.


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