Adrian turns thirty. Adorableness ensues.

Last year, I thought it would be Adrian's last birthday in Chicago so I went a little overboard even though it wasn't a milestone year. I had this big elaborate black and white birthday party and it was wonderful. And also stressful. Then we didn't end up moving. So this year, when he turned thirty, I was at a loss for what to do. Throw another big party with lots of months of planning and preparing or go low key, out to dinner and drinks with friends? Luckily, Adrian soon let me know that he was feeling like a low key night out with friends followed by a family dinner the next day. Perfect.

In a rare turn of events, Adrian also ended up with his birthday off from work so I took the afternoon off and we went out to lunch with his parents. He was absolutely thrilled. 

This 30th birthday was so special for us. Adrian has waited twelve long years to be able to spend a birthday with his parents. (To read more on the difficulties of getting Visas for family, check out Sarah's blog post!) So to spend the day together with both of his parents was surreal.

We spent the next few days celebrating with friends and family. In total, Adrian ended up with three cakes, lots of drinks and bunches of love. I am so happy that he had such a wonderful birthday and that he was able to spend such a momentous birthday with his parents. Finally.

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  1. Another blog re-design?? At least it's cute!! Also, I can't wait till adrian can celebrate with this side of the family too, including a cute little baby santana!!


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