Free Loves: All my dreams.

Be it that my sister is in Paris or because I've just been watching far too much Gossip Girl, lately all my dreams begin with Paris. I've never been to Paris but I just know I'd be in heaven there, amidst the street cafes, macarons, museums and history. Sigh. My heart bursts at the thought.

One day it will happen. I'll make sure of it.

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To install as phone wallpaper:
1) Click on the link to download the wallpaper
2) Click on file, then download (or simply click the down arrow under "File")
3) Once downloaded, upload in an e-mail to yourself.
4) Open the e-mail on your phone and save the image then set as wallpaper.
5) Remind yourself daily that you got this and then go out there and chase down those dreams of yours!

Until then, enjoy this free love!

1 comment:

  1. Love this so very much!! You are just a gem and deserve to go to Paris!! You'll make it and when you do it is going to exceed all your dreams before! start a piggy bank!!:)


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