Nothing to do and no where to go.

When I moved to Chicago I thought it'd be temporary. Seven years later, temporary seems a distant dream. For a while, Chicago had become a second home. But, still, I had always said that as soon as my sister started having children, I wanted to move back to New England. I wanted to be there as her children were born. I wanted to be the kind of aunt to her children that I have been so fortunate to be to my husband's nephews. The aunt that takes them places, hosts movie nights, and always makes them feel loved and completely special.

Now that my sister due with her first baby in August, little pieces of my heart sometimes break knowing that I will most likely miss so many of her and baby's firsts. I know that living so far away is going to require a bit of creativity to be able to be as involved as I want to be. And I know, too, that I will have to relish those little face-to-face moments I do have.

A few weeks back when I was home for my aunt's birthday, I spent a couple days at my sister's before anyone else knew I was even in town. And it was wonderful. Each morning, I woke up and made my way to my sister's room. Danny had already left for work so I crawled into bed next to my sister and waited for her puppy Bronx to jump up. Within seconds, he was on the bed and ready for snuggles.

We spent about two hours each morning just chatting, watching funny videos and gossiping about blogging. Every fifteen minutes or so, one was us would comment, "One of us should really get up and get in the shower." But we didn't. At least not for a few hours.

Though I've missed much of my sister's pregnancy and have had to keep up mostly through photos and phone calls, I feel lucky to have had those couple mornings with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Those mornings remind me that though I may not be there for every moment of my future niece of nephew's precious little life, I will do my absolute best to be fully there when I can be. With nothing to do and no where to go.


  1. Oh sweet girl! My heart breaks reading this.. And yup I have a tear. My niece and nephews are far away and it gets me down sometimes wishing I could just give them a hug or even just hear there cute little voices! We are blessed with this new digital world but its still hard I know! You'll know when the time is right to be back with them! Be blessed!!

  2. Don't worry, my baby is going to learn to FaceTime by 8 weeks old!!! Oh and thanks for telling on me for having Bronx in the bed... Let's hope Danny doesn't read this!!! Lol

  3. Ah this is such a sweet post! It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship, there is no relationship like that between two sisters. I think you will be an amazing aunts even if it has to be by distance at times xx

  4. Such a sweet image. Living away from family definitely changes when kids join the scene, but I know you will find awesome, special ways to love them from a distance!


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